Friday, 7 December 2018

te wa toi

For inquiry the year sevens have been making some sculptures. My sculpture is made for my best friend Leiite. My sculpture is an axe because my friend likes to play call of duty and fortnight so it represents what he likes to play.

My sculpture is made out of paper and it is an axe.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

my examples of particles

today December the 4th we were learning about particles from a solid liquid and a gas because solid likes to hold there shape and liquid only hold there shape when they are pored into a container and gas is wild they like to run free scroll down for some examples

the solids are like a ice and ice is a sold if you give ice heat it turns into water a liquid and there particles like to run around but sort of like a jog and if you give heat to water you get gas and gas is wild they like to run it is like air but hotter.   

click here to watch the video of a flying tea bag.....


Monday, 26 November 2018

Teachers strike video

WALT: I will read across texts and media to form my own opinion on the current teacher strikes  

Tupuia Fact or opinion? Teacher's strike

WALT: I will read across texts and media to form my own opinion on the current teacher strikes  

Thursday, 15 November 2018

underneath the tree

Image result for special tree with a boyWalking to the tree i spot something it looked like some kind of paper. It was lying on the ground underneath the tree
i walked up close and closer then i picked it up, it was a book it said diary on it so i opened it and it had all sorts of writing in it,but one particularly story caught my eyes.

It was some good writing to read so i sat down and started reading it.
It said that the boy was to be described as light skin with brown hair i was like is that me i was blushing in joy i said quietly
“what do you mean brother” I kept on reading and reading the there was about two more sentences.

I was shocked, i thought it was  me and so i left the diary and stood up and saw that it was sunset  it was a beautiful
the sun was bright and my eyes were half open. I saw a girl running up to me and i went behind the tree and hid,
and waited for her to leave.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

abandoned town in china term 1&2 writing

Image result for abandoned town in china
Abandoned town in china, it was a dark night and no sound was to be heard i was recording a video for YouTube i called my friends and said meet up at McDonald's, i put my camera away and as soon as we got there we ate a big mac burger it was delicious and it taste nice  we went to the abandoned town. I got my camera out and started recording we found a school and it was scary my friends said, we explored inside there was stuff everywhere i found these warehouse shoes as soon as i was gonna burn it my friends were making sounds then something moved the table we all stood there scared.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Tupuia Explanation Template : Explaining 3 ideas

Being a good learner? I will tell you my opinion on how to be a good learner just scroll down and collect information on being a good learner

having a good breakfast makes you a good learner. Someone that always pays attention to the teacher.  will have a good time and have a 50% chance of getting help. And learning while all your other friend’s are mucking around not wanting to learn.

Making sure you have a good sleep is the number one thing you do at night so you can have a better time resting. And you have a better time waking up and getting ready to go to school.

A good learner will listen to everything the teacher says and will ask question so he/her will know what there doing. When they get to there chromebooks. And a good learner always has there chromebook charged overnight and brought to school everyday.

Thank you for reading my three ideas about being a good learner.