Friday, 5 July 2019

My Scratch Animation

This term we have been learning about, i like your latitude and we have been learning about the  continent of the world. There  is seven continents in the world Asia,Australia,Antarctica,Europe,North America, South America, Africa. we have been using scratch to animate our projects the continents that i will be visiting is North America, Asia and Australia. and in those continents i will be visiting New York, Japan and Sydney. not finished yet still working on it........

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Tupuia - blog analysis

Tupuia Information Report Template 2019

Talofa, my name is Tupuia and i will be explaining to you facts about Samoa so listen up.  
the capital of Samoa is Apia,Apia is the capital city of the South Pacific island nation of Samoa. Offshore, near Vaiala beach,  Two islands make up Samoa savaii and Upolu Samoa comprises two big main islands – Upolu, where 75% of Samoans live and Savaii which is the bigger island of the two. There are 8 other small islands in the group.
They speak mainly Samoan + English the airport in Faleolo  has recently been renovated. The main religion in Samoa is Christianity.
there over 200,000 people living on Samoa that is a lot of people.        
The latitude and longitude 
 The country's latitudinal coordinate is 13.759° S, meaning that Samoa is found in the southern hemisphere. With a longitudinal coordinate of 172.104° W, it is clear that Samoa is positioned in the western hemisphere.

Tupuia & Sione Week 10: New Fence

Tupuia Mwk10