Thursday, 8 November 2018

abandoned town in china term 1&2 writing

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Abandoned town in china, it was a dark night and no sound was to be heard i was recording a video for YouTube i called my friends and said meet up at McDonald's, i put my camera away and as soon as we got there we ate a big mac burger it was delicious and it taste nice  we went to the abandoned town. I got my camera out and started recording we found a school and it was scary my friends said, we explored inside there was stuff everywhere i found these warehouse shoes as soon as i was gonna burn it my friends were making sounds then something moved the table we all stood there scared.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Tupuia Explanation Template : Explaining 3 ideas

Being a good learner? I will tell you my opinion on how to be a good learner just scroll down and collect information on being a good learner

having a good breakfast makes you a good learner. Someone that always pays attention to the teacher.  will have a good time and have a 50% chance of getting help. And learning while all your other friend’s are mucking around not wanting to learn.

Making sure you have a good sleep is the number one thing you do at night so you can have a better time resting. And you have a better time waking up and getting ready to go to school.

A good learner will listen to everything the teacher says and will ask question so he/her will know what there doing. When they get to there chromebooks. And a good learner always has there chromebook charged overnight and brought to school everyday.

Thank you for reading my three ideas about being a good learner.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Attitude talk

Today we were talking about puberty with Toni we learnt that if we eat lots of chocolate we might get pimples and how there is 3 places were you don’t grow hair your eyes,under your feet and your lips. Toni said the healthier you eat the healthier your body will be he told us the age groups you will be developing puberty i think for girls it starts from 8-13 and boys start from 10-16 that is when the boys and girls start developing puberty.

My Holidays

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Let me tell you what i did in the holidays. First we got changed a headed off to the golfing range ,
near the airport it was my first time going. When we got there we went inside and
we waited in line my mum asked the owners of the store if we can get
one hundred golf balls each and 3 drives, a drive is something that you hit the golf ball with
to make it go far and high we call it a golf club.

My first hit was so bad i missed the ball and hit the ground i wanted to give up but when i saw my uncle hit the ball it went far. I was so shocked on how far it went in my head i said “ woow”  then i got kind of good hitting the golf ball then after that we went to maccas and had a big lunch it as tasty and delicious we got ice creams after that. I was tired when we got back home & slept.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

toondoo character

for our very first class of graphics. we created our very own toondoo characters. here is my character that i made i can't wait to do more fun activities.

Tupuia Perfect Perimeter

walt: calculate area and perimeter