Friday, 26 August 2016

if i were at the olympics

Every 4 years At the olympics the games heaps peoples  has came and represent their countries
At the olympics. They come to win medals there are three medals gold,silver and bronze there are heaps of sports to play but not that much justin gatlin is one of them but he is from United states of America  
He tested his ability with speed cameras  but then usain bolt is more faster than him he has done the triple triple that means he has won gold medals in relay.

When the want to win they train their hardness just to win a gold model or silver and bronzes what you would want to use in swimming is you use Speedos tights and a Speedo suit it is really cool when you wear Speedo suits that's how you come first or second because swimming is hard just to race other people.

When people want to compete in the Olympics they have to train what they have to use cloths or shoes just to make them fit. What people use for swimming is swimming suits and under armour shoes.The times they have to do wake up and train at six o’clock in the morning tell three o’clock in the afternoon.It is really hard just to wake up early just to train.

When you celebrate you cry because you came first second or third and when you cry you are proud of yourself and if you have a kid they well cry and come and hug you just because you won a gold model.When you win and you look at the flag you cry because what you have done for yourself and you had believed in it.

Friday, 5 August 2016

cycling at the olmpics

                                             WALT ask questions before and during reading to focus our understanding.

WALT make connections between texts and apply the knowledge to a new situation.

Monday, 1 August 2016

problem solving

Shoes of the Olympics


We are learning about the technology of shoes and how it has changed over time.                                  

Shoes of Olympics