Monday, 2 October 2017

Going To The Movies

Image result for lego ninjago movieToday i went to the movies it was really cool we got to watch the Lego Ninja go movie i went with my aunty and uncle and my brother and sister and my two cousins we got ready to go. OFF we went to the movies but first we had to go pick up my little cousin at my aunty's house. We get to the movies and go inside then we waited for the movie to come on because we were early.  and it comes on and the light goes of it was really cool then after the movie finished we came back to my nana's house.

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  1. Hi Tupuia, it sounds like you had a really awesome time at the movies. What was your favourite part of the Ninjago movie? What rating would you give it out of 5? I hope you are enjoying your school holidays, keep up your great blogging. See you next term.

    Miss Parrant