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Tupuia Harmonica

Tupuia Television


File:Tv hd.png - Wikimedia Commons

1. When did color TVs come out?
a. 1925
b. 1953
c. 1939
d. 1965

2. Which was not true about the first TV?
a. It could only show one color
b. It only had 30 lines
c. It did not have sound
d. It did not work well

3. When did networks start showing programs in color?
a. 1948
b. 1953
c. 1965
d. 1939

4. Why did the first TV station only show Felix the Cat for two hours a day?
a. They were running tests.
b. Felix the Cat was really popular.
c. Felix the Cat had been a big radio star.
d. Felix the Cat was the only show that they had.

5. Which of these events slowed the spread of TVs?
a. The World's Fair of 1939
b. The Civil War
c. The election of the U.S. President.
d. World War II

6. What is the author's main purpose in writing this?
a. He is trying to explain how a TV works.
b. He is telling readers how TVs became popular.
c. He is describing the history of the TV.
d. He is trying to get people to watch more TV.

7. Why did many families switch to color TVs in 1965?
a. Color TVs cost a lot of money.
b. Many shows were only shown in color.
c. Color TVs came out in 1965.
d. World War II ended and troops returned home.

8. Why was 1939 an important year for TV?
a. Many Americans were introduced to TV.
b. The first color TV was released.
c. The first TV station began broadcasting.
d. John Baird created the first TV.

9. How many lines does a 4K TV have?
a. 30
b. 1,080
c. 4,000
d. 3,840

10. Which happened first?
a. The 1939 World's Fair
b. The release of high-def TVs
c. The end of World War II
d. The release of color TVs

11. Why would watching TV have been boring in 1928?
It only had one color.

12. Why did the 5 inch black-and-white TVs at the World's Fair impress people?
Because  The U.S. President gave a speech over the TVs. The TVs were only five inches big but the people loved it.

13. Why would it have been a bad idea to buy a color TV when they first were released?Because it didn’t work well so that’s why

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Tupuia Maths Multi Choice

Tupuia Making pan pipes writing plan

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.39.29 PM.pngOn october the 25th of wednesday room 8 literacy had to make some pan pipes. We were pretty lucky to have Miss Moran she held everyone in the class and we have Miss Parrant. First we watched a video with the whole class and then we went to a table that table that I was on with Leonardy, Tupuia, Lorenzo, Kruz and me. So we all went of and did it step by step. First we watched a video about how to make a panpipe you just need 5 things. First you need 8 straws and cut the bendy part off. Then you make one of the ends sharp. You make a cardboard and it should look like a house that just got half and then you make the straws smallest to biggest. Then you put it onto the cardboard but make sure there is some space between it and then you tape it with stacked tape and then you just blow and then you write you name at the back. The thing that I enjoy we at the end we got to play with it. It sounds pretty cool. The thing that I learn was how to make it and now I think that I can make anything now.

Monday, 16 October 2017

immersion assembly term 4

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.39.29 PM.pngMonday the school had an immersion assembly on october the 16 the whole of team 4 lined up and got ready to the hall . we watched all of the teams 1,2,3,4, and 5 teachers showing what we are doing.Our theme is about musical madness team 1 teachers were show what they are doing. They are doing how music makes you feel. and team 2 showed us what they are doing,making songs with different instruments i liked it. It had high notes and low notes and that was team 2. Team 3’s movie was funny and cool they were telling stories with songs they were lip syncing to the music and they had good movie. Team 5 was watching the lion king there topic is about how music in movies invoke feelings. Team 4’s topic is about making instruments and creating 4’s movie was cool i liked how they were doing the same idea as Team 3 but in a different way team 4 teachers were playing music in Mr Goodwin’s car. Then they were singing till they got to school they parked the car and Mr Jacobson was looking at them then after that he wind down his window and then he was playing his music it was loud.What i want to do for this term is play with instrument and learn how they work. And i think that the new term theme is fun. It is because music is included and i like music. I listen to music on youtube. 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Me playing

I m playing it is a fun game were you can draw pictures. but first you have to pick a word i picked nose because it was easy to draw.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

What i Did Today.

What i did Today

Today i did 8 bit art. and i was drawing anything and this is what i ended up with.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Going To The Movies

Image result for lego ninjago movieToday i went to the movies it was really cool we got to watch the Lego Ninja go movie i went with my aunty and uncle and my brother and sister and my two cousins we got ready to go. OFF we went to the movies but first we had to go pick up my little cousin at my aunty's house. We get to the movies and go inside then we waited for the movie to come on because we were early.  and it comes on and the light goes of it was really cool then after the movie finished we came back to my nana's house.

Saturday, 30 September 2017


hello it is Tupuia and i am very excited for the holidays so im here with my family and we are watching YouTube. so it's is the first day of the holidays in the morning i got up and checked the time because my uncle rang my Nana and said to wake me up and then i got ready and waited then my to cousins came knocking on my Nana's door we got in the car and drove off to my cousin and my sisters netball Tranning. we watched the emoji movie and it was funny then we went and got some food and went to church practise... and thats all for one day.....

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tupuia Cross Country Recount

Image result for cross countryOne hot Friday the whole of Pt England school was doing cross country family and whanau were invited. We had house colours for each of the houses. The name of my house is Te Aurere and the colour of this house is red. The other houses are hikianalia which is yellow and hokule'a which colour is green and the last house which is hinemoana which is blue. So we started our races it started from the year 1 they went up to the start line then mr burt take your marks get set, GO. then the year 1’s raced off then we waited and waited then finally some came 1st place and then 2nd place then third place came in after that.
Then it was the Year 2’s that had their race then went up to the starting line it was the boys that had there race first then after that it was the year 2 Girls then the year 2’s finished their race.
Year 3 race began they went up to the starting they raced off and then it was very funny then a couple minutes later the first kid from the year 3’s the person that came first was roman walter then trailing behind him was a boy named lincoln, then bronson then that was the year 3 races.
To Be Continued……...

Tupuia Problem Solving Practice Term 3 Wk 8

Tupuia Term 3 Animation Writing and Voice Over

planet earth. Our planet is the third planet from the sun. Once it used to be clean and green. Now because we have not taken care of our planet is to dangerous to live on. The only way for humans to survive is to live on another planet. So they send to brave astronauts their names are Tupuia and Leonardy. The next day they got to their spaceship  and counted down from 10  then they zoomed off into space  they could see other planets like Jupiter the gas giant,Uranus,Neptune,Saturn.  Then tupuia and Leonardy found there destination And that planet they went to was named mars the red planet they landed on mars and found out that it was a good place to explore so they walked on. Three years later they build there house to live in. The End..

Monday, 15 May 2017

Tupuia Manu Tukutuku

 Walt: to find links between texts
Walt: to summarize information across texts

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tupuia Immersion Assembly - Now that's thininking

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.22.55 PM.pngHello my name is Tupuia and we are learning technology and  So we will be learning how things have changed over the years like phones chairs and shoes. Now that's thinking! How technology has changed over the year is so good and bad the good thing is that there is games kids can play the bad thing is that people stay inside too much.Team 4 will be learning about how things could change or stay the same like phones shoes and  bikes.I think that the shoes should change and the phone should stay the same.

I really hope you had a good time please leave a good comment.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

tupuia Problem Solving Practice Term 1 Wk 2

                                             Walt: follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Problem solving.

Walt: solve addition and subtraction problems using different strategies.