Thursday, 19 November 2015

athletics day

Last friday  pt england school had athletics on friday i was in the year 4 boys. mr moran was our athletics teacher i was in  te Arere  red the parents were there watching there kids doing athletics first we started off with high jump then 100 meter sprint  in the sprint my friedens came first and second and i came third place.
dicus is my favorite thing because i came first athletics day is cool  because you can be like valerie adams she is nz bestes shot put person  she is cool and usain bolt is the fastest man in the world he is jamaican  because he tries and  tries that's why he's fast and the house colors raced and the  fastest house was hinemoana  the parents and teachers were racing they ran around the cones and past it on it was a relay race and then pt england school was cheering  the race then the college girls and boys won the race and we went back to class to pack up athletics day is lots of fun.

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pt england school athletics day brainstorm