Friday, 27 May 2016

tupuia will he save him?

One stormy day there was a person named berry he’d saved everybody  lives and they liked him.  And there was a person named zoom he is the same type as flash. but faster. He can even catch bullets with his bare hands he can  walk inside glass. Then one day  he took dr Zeus's kid it was a boy and he got taken away from zues. then berry’s friend’s started to help Dr Zeus find his son . At the moment berry in the future found  where he was hiding. Then they saw  him. And zoom was not there they tried. Then they go to him in time and  to get him out but it took a little bit of time just to take him out of this glass that no one could get thru.
Image result for flash vs zoom

They tried and tried and they finally they escape because barry had saved them. Then they did not recognise that the flash was barry  then zoom got there and saw them the flash told them to go and he will catch up with them if the portal opens. But  dr zeus son said you saved me now i will save you and he had powers to no one new that he had powers………….. To be continued  

Friday, 20 May 2016

TUPUIA fab four

Meet my person ive created him and his name is agent siren.It started when he was only a little boy then two people saw him in his flying ship. he is a fire person and he is twelve years old he is strong and he is fast and he can breathe fire because he was made of fire and he is not afraid of anything. He came from a place called planet x he  got sent to help people he was sent to earth because his planet was attacked. His father was the king of  planet x he is called Agent siren because he is so loud you can even hear him from another planets.

He got his fast power by getting electrocuted by one of The power line and he has electric hands lives in new york he saved
Heaps of people and even small kids one day there was an earthquake that hit new york city.

If Agent siren was here he would  save many lives but a little bit scary. he is so bulky and long he has spiky here thanks for reading my blog post.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Tupuia Immersion Assemble

KAPOW! KABOOM! BANG! Thats right term 2 has started with a thwack. and team 4 is learning about COMIC!.

 this term  the teacher vengers and the amitrue heroes made an it was could teacher vengers and there were 2 amitrue heroes  and there was a man named bear baxindine he took a chromebook and it said bobby-jon he tried to get away with it.

Soon Then the amitrue heroes saw bear baxindine then they charged  to battle and  tried to get bear baxendine KAPOW! SMASH! The amitrue heroes captrued and defeted. Then the teacher vengers assembled.  And bear baxindine said you can't  stop me then the Teacher vegers will Then Wondering woman,bat guy and Team Leader America then they Assembled Then bat guy said i'll save them and you get bax.

Then THWACK! BOOF! POW! AND Bat guy stops bear baxindine with a big BOOM! And it was jail time for bear baxindine….

Monday, 2 May 2016

Tupuia problem solving

                                              WALT:  solve problems with fractions