Monday, 9 May 2016

Tupuia Immersion Assemble

KAPOW! KABOOM! BANG! Thats right term 2 has started with a thwack. and team 4 is learning about COMIC!.

 this term  the teacher vengers and the amitrue heroes made an it was could teacher vengers and there were 2 amitrue heroes  and there was a man named bear baxindine he took a chromebook and it said bobby-jon he tried to get away with it.

Soon Then the amitrue heroes saw bear baxindine then they charged  to battle and  tried to get bear baxendine KAPOW! SMASH! The amitrue heroes captrued and defeted. Then the teacher vengers assembled.  And bear baxindine said you can't  stop me then the Teacher vegers will Then Wondering woman,bat guy and Team Leader America then they Assembled Then bat guy said i'll save them and you get bax.

Then THWACK! BOOF! POW! AND Bat guy stops bear baxindine with a big BOOM! And it was jail time for bear baxindine….

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