Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tupuia Cross Country Recount

Image result for cross countryOne hot Friday the whole of Pt England school was doing cross country family and whanau were invited. We had house colours for each of the houses. The name of my house is Te Aurere and the colour of this house is red. The other houses are hikianalia which is yellow and hokule'a which colour is green and the last house which is hinemoana which is blue. So we started our races it started from the year 1 they went up to the start line then mr burt take your marks get set, GO. then the year 1’s raced off then we waited and waited then finally some came 1st place and then 2nd place then third place came in after that.
Then it was the Year 2’s that had their race then went up to the starting line it was the boys that had there race first then after that it was the year 2 Girls then the year 2’s finished their race.
Year 3 race began they went up to the starting they raced off and then it was very funny then a couple minutes later the first kid from the year 3’s the person that came first was roman walter then trailing behind him was a boy named lincoln, then bronson then that was the year 3 races.
To Be Continued……...

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  1. Hi Tupuia, well done on starting your recount and getting this on your blog! What was your favourite part about cross country? How did your run go? I look forward to seeing the next part of your recount about cross country. Miss Parrant