Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Siecec in a van

Craft TWO paragraphs about our adventure to see Emily and Alan share their experiments all about movement, forces and Isaac Newton.
Think about sentence beginnings - I went, there was, I was - ARE ALL BANNED!
Draw your own picture and add them both to your blog. I will try to make a movie and have it on Vimeo - but I might not have time!

Last week on Thursday  we got to see real scientists do some experiments to teach us about Newton’s Laws. 

Alan blew up the hot dog balloon.  It grew and grew. Giving the hot dog balloon to Emily, she needed a volunteer so she asked Bethan. Unfortunately Bethan didn’t catch the hot dog balloon. The air pressure was coming out of the little hole, that made the balloon fly as it got smaller and smaller and popped.

Blasting on the rope Steve the chicken on the bottle rocket, flew across the hall. The forces push Steve along  the rope. Gravity pulls objects down.

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