Wednesday, 12 August 2015

if i had a million dollars

If I had a million dollars I would spend it at Sylvia Park all week. I would visit
McDonald's, EB Games and Hoyts. I would be excited.

At the McDonald’s I would buy the Hunger Buster. I will buy it because it tastes great  and delicious. I would also get ice-cream everyday and eat it all by myself.

At my next store EB games I would get Rugby league live 3,Guitar hero,Nba 2k16 and Mortal combat. I would get them so I can make heaps of noise so everyone knows I have the games. It would also be fun to play with my friends at home and on the internet.

Lasty I would go to the Hoyts I Would buy Popcorn, ice cream and some 3d glasses. We will watch movies like Dawn of the planet of The Apes, Minions, Ant Man and Fast and Furious 7 because they are my favorite movies.

Buying these things would make me happy because I had just found one million dollars and I could buy whatever I want.

I think it is a good use of money because it is more than one hundred dollars. I didn’t have to earn it so I can spend it on anything. Even if I had earned it I would still spend it because if you put it in your pocket it might fall out and someone else will find it.

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