Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Holiday

In the holidays i went to my aunt's house and we were playing games  in my cousin's room and we were playing teken and i was devil jin and he was marshall
law and i punched we were in a shelter house next to the ocean  and the game started and he did 6 punches on me and i did 10 punches to his face and kicked him on the waist and i ko'd him.And the next the next day we went to valentines it was  a restaurant because it was my aunty birthday on Saturday and my grandpa’s birthday on Sunday my mums aunt turned 50 years old  and my grandpa was 64 and we had two yummy cakes and we saved one and ate the other cake and the one we saved was for my grandpa’s  birthday   and we went to see him  at the cemetery and

go visit him and it was kinda sad. I hope you enjoyed reading bye. (:

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