Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble

Once there was a man named Bruce Banner he was the hulk, he did not realize. He had this USB that had hulk’s name  on it he puts it into his mouth. then boom there he is the hulk is here he said then he went home to his wife even she had super powers she new first and hulk new second. Her name was she hulk she was as strong as hulk.

One day she hulk saw some kind of electronic robot thing that came through this black hole that appeared out of nowhere then they did their super jump it went so high that they jumped on to one of ultron’s bike.  They smashed the robot and took his bike. She hulk said let’s go and capture that ship. they flew up and up to get the person that sent the robots he was the leader. They found hulk had a knife stuck in his leg blood was coming out  and he was starting to pass out. She hulk was the driver she held hulk as he was passing out.  Then they were there on a ship out in space they went to ultron and caught him. She hulk landed on to the ship it was big and it was just ultron that was in the ship. by him self She hulk caught him inside this thing it was like a bath room but a rectangle shape and it was see thu glass she tried to smash the glass it was hard. and then she grabed ultron and took out his heart.

Finally Ultron is defeated and his robot's to and hulk was alive now since he is defeated

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