Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Tupuia Explanation Template : Kua tae te wā

It’s time for what I hear you say.   It’s time for teachers to have their say - to be heard.   That’s right our teachers are banding together this month to grab the attention of our government.  There are a number of things that our teachers are hoping to achieve by going on strike. I will explain some of these things in the following paragraphs.  You might even be able to see how you can be part of the action!

More time to teach: the Kids that come to school need teachers to teach them so they can have a good education.
But at the moment the teachers are spending most of their times they are writing reports for the kids.  There is people that need more support than some others because people that come from the islands of Tonga,Cook island,Samoa (etc). They have trouble speaking English.

Teachers need to get paid more because they are a good help to kids. Some schools that have teachers don’t
get paid much and they have 5-6 hours of teaching. A final point I want to share is that teachers are wasting their time doing more work instead of having fun with their families and our literacy teacher Mrs Tele'a has to do extra work for us kids.

I disagree with strikes because teachers do extra hard work teaching and doing work for us so we can work.
And post it on our blogs for the whole world to see.

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