Wednesday, 27 May 2015

tupuia jack and the giant beanstalk

on sunday 1:00. jack was walking to the supermarket to sale his cow then a strange traveler. was walking near by he said can i have your cow and he said can i have  your cow but i have no money i have these magic beans. then jack walked home then jacks mum smacked him. and she threw the beans out the window  then the next morning it was a giant beanstalk it was in the clouds then jack climbed up then he saw a giant castle jack was walking to the castle he walked inside he saw A enormous giant sleeping on the ground snoring then jack saw a  chicken that laid golden eggs         
then he saw gold he him and his mum maybe rich for the rest of their life then jack
climb down the giant beanstalk then the came down then finally jack cut down the

  the beanstalk down the giant was falling.

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