Friday, 4 March 2016

duffy show

On the 9th of  february Duffy  Tevita  Simon  and Talia were the Duffy theater at pt England school simon was Duffy  
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and talia was rubi and tevita was all the other characters   i like simon because is cool. and he likes playing knock knock jokes then bobby-john said knock knock then simon said who's there bobby said ota then simon said ota who then bobby said otahuhu then simon laugh  and laugh and in 2016 ruby did not know how to read because she did not go to school when she was little she had a picture  book  
she told duffy all about when she was little her dad died in world war 2 he wrote letters to ruby and that was his last letter that he wrote for her then duffy saved the day and went back in time and dr. who the book saved the day.

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