Thursday, 10 March 2016

tupuia volcanoes of the world

WALT: Our task was to create a google maps showing all the volcanoes around the world.

we were putting pins on the volcanoes that i  found looking everywhere for a volcano
because volcanoes are all around the world and there are heaps of volcanoes in new zealand there one in Auckland,mt eden and all sorts of mountain some don't erupt for years there are heaps and heaps some of the volcanoes are dangerous
some are dangerous and some aren't if it doesn't erupt then you can live next to the volcano but if you  can   see that one can explode  there are ten dangerous volcanoes and there are the oldest volcanoes.  And there is a ring of fire  and we are in it and there are  volcanoes and rangitoto is the youngest volcano out of all the volcano in auckland and rangitoto.

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