Friday, 2 September 2016

P.E.D Preforming Enhancing Drugs

running  gives athletes an unfair advantage in beating world records and it changes the athlete's body and it's  Unfair when beating records. For example the swimming suits. Beat 20 world records in 1 olympic games (2004). After this swimsuit was banned They get faster at swimming. And for cycling there body moves fast and fast.They test there befor they get a first second and third medal. And for swimming they banned the highly tec LZR speedo suit. The LZR racing suit  has been banned because it’s shows so that means that they has more to beat world record.

The reason  that they don't cover their Arms, Shoulders, Ankle, and feet is because they need some movement and when there whole body is covered it turns them into a fast dolphin. Which is cheating and Ped is a performance-enhancing drug cheating thing they use it to make them strong, fast and
In my opinion they can cheat like this chinese  person who  was taking PEDs to win.
Technology kept to a minimum, focus on the athlete’s ability, Some technology is good but not if it changes multiple world records.

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