Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Tupuia making connections

Kobe Bryant
Roger Federer
Ryan Lochte
Maria Sharapova
Usain Bolt
Nba basketball
Track and field
Sports titles/ Olympic medals prior to London 2012
Kobe bryant won his first gold medal in 2008 in usa in men’s basketball and he won his second gold medal in 2012 men's basketball
On december the 14 a head of roger federer first tennis match was 34 years ago that is when he won his first gold medal at the men’s tennis in londa 2012
Ryan lochte won his first gold medal in the men’s 4x00m freestyle relay.
In apirl the 19 in 1987 she won her first gold medal at the age of 10 years old and when she turned 17 she won her second gold medal in 1999v at the age of 24
In the 4x100 relay usain bolt won a gold medal then on his next race won another gold medal
Speedo,Nissan gatorade, gillette speedo.
Incomes from Sponsor
Kobe bryant get’s 680 million dollars from his sponsor every 6 weeks  
Every year Roger federer get 71 million dollars every year from his sponsor.
Every two year Ryan lochte 50,000 million dollars from his sponsor.
Maria sharapova gets 295 million dollars every one year
Usain bolt gets 10 million dollars every 2 weeks for winning gold medals.

Answer these questions!

  1. Who is the oldest athlete?
Kobe Bryant
  1. Who do you think is the most successful athlete (prior to London 2012)
roger federer
  1. Who appears to have had the most success with sponsors (look at number of sponsors and the amount earned through sponsors)-
Roger federer is earning between 45 and 65 million dollars just from sponsors
  1. Why do you think sponsorship could motivate someone to cheat in sport?

        Athletes cheat because some of them are not getting paid so they cheat  and so they can get paid more than the person that is getting paid heaps. Also to attract sponsor attention to get paid by that company.

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