Monday, 19 September 2016

Tupuia kayak writing

These are my characters talking rock,  pirate,and buky the ship,pikachu and Ash the pokemon coach ash is human so as the pirate are to but there captain is a allien.  it is set in the river The river is shaky and it goes fast like a stormy cheater and the problem is  the river goes to fast and they get stuck between two gigantic  rocks. And they think about how they're going to escape but then the two rocks started to move the captain was shivering  and scared then pikachu saves them by electric powers  Ash tells him to use them  then bulky had  soap in the bath pikachu accidentally melted the soap the soap  buky feld up with bubbles. Then it slip and slides through  the rocks and then they traveled around the islands they asked Ash to come with them he said yes. THE END

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